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Many runners are quickly finding out that running in a skirt is not only more stylish but functional as well. The running skirt craze is way beyond trendy fashion fad in womens running. Some of the major sports manufacturers such as Nike and New Balance have been selling them. When you walk into a running store they usually don't have the widest selection because they've sold out and when you attend a marathon expo the running skirts booths are normally very busy.

The Running Page recently interviewed Running skirts dot com founders Cindy and Christy and gained more insight into this new running skirt revolution! NEW, compression socks for runners to match your running skirts.

Cindy and Christy, the founders of Running, both avid marathon runners, became bored with typical running attire, namely boyish shorts or running tights. Hence the birth of their running skirt styles designed with performance fabrics and functionality with the long distance runner in mind.

Q: We have all seen running skirts pop up everywhere, what sets your skirts apart from the others?

A: Our running skirt style has a built in brief underneath which eliminates the bunching and chafing of fabric between the thighs that you often get with typical running shorts. This design alleviates thigh chafing and irritation since there is no fabric constantly rub rub rubbing against your skin. Also, all our skirts are designed with super lightweight soft & quick-drying fabrics with reverse seams in the briefs to prevent further chafing and rubbing. Our skirt was the first design with two roomy pockets for storing energy gels, ipods, cell phone, keys, etc. One can easily stow away 3-4 gels in each side pocket for distance runs and marathons. 


We also offer more than 20 different color combinations at any given time, which is the larges color selection on the market. If you are looking for a special running skirt color, chances are we make it, otherwise it will be coming out in our upcoming seasonal color features. This season we are featuring a red & white polka dot skirt and also an all white Running Bride running skirt. We have several brides running the Las Vegas Marathon who are getting married during the race or renewing their vows in our adorable all white bride running skirts! You can read their exciting wedding proposal & marriage stories on our news page of the website.

Q: I saw on your website that you outfit several running teams, tell me about that:
A: We love skirting groups and teams. We offer special group discounts that increase with quantity. Simply email us for our discount team information.

Q: Who is your typical customer?
We have elite athletes who race in our running skirts, fitness enthusiasts, casual runners including beginning runners and first time marathoners. We skirt all shapes, sizes and ages 5 year old little girls all the way up to the golden years. Women in their 80s are running in our skirts!

Most women are quite skeptical at first at the concept of running in a skirt! Once they experience the lightweight comfort and freedom of running in a skirt, they are remorseful they didn't try one sooner. You can read the hundreds of testimonials and see our skirts in action customer photos and comments on the website and see for yourself.

Q: Aside from your Running Skirt, do you offer other products and styles?
We have another skirt style that we call our Athletic Skirt. It features attached compression shorts and also two side pockets. Our compression shorts are longer than other skirt styles and provide additional coverage and support. The shorts dont ride up when you run. This style is perfect for any workout, spin class, pilates, yoga, aerobics, cycling and cross training! I even wear mine for Golfing. The longer length and compression shorts are the perfect fit!

Along with our skirt styles, we offer super comfy matching flirty running tops, tanks, and performance headbands to finish off your running ensemble. You train hard for your races and marathons, treat yourself to a great running skirt outfit and look and feel great while you run!

We also offer our new mini skirts line of little girls skirts, whimsical baby onesies and kiddie tshirts for the little runners in the family! Our hottest selling onesies and tshirts boast mommy runs faster than daddy! and go mommy go!. Most of our customers attest that this statement is indeed true in their families!

Q: What are your plans for the next year, will you offer new styles?
A: We are constantly designing and adding new items each season for our customers. We always add new color combinations and offerings each season which allows the extra selection our customers love.

In addition to our latest fitness skirts and products, we just launched our first Team challenge, where customers can sign up and email a photo of their recent running race results along with a photo of them in their gear. We post the running results and photos on the website and award top times free running skirts and gear. We appreciate our customers and want to motivate and encourage them to continue to set running and fitness goals and love watching them achieve their goals! This creates a fun yet competitive forum for our customers to interact and provide feedback on local running events.

Q:. Thats great that you are creating your own running skirt community. Are there other community events you participate in or contribute to?

A: As running enthusiasts we love giving back to communities and take pride in supporting causes such as the fight against breast cancer . This October, we donated a portion of proceeds from all pink skirt sales to the Susan G. Komen foundation in the United States and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation in Canada. We also donated proceeds of all sales of certain months to the Trans Canada Trail Foundation, to support the development and maintenance of our outdoor trail system across Canada.

Q: Aside from your running team, do you sponsor athletes?
A: We do skirt several elite runners and ultra runners. We encourage runners to send us their stories and race goals as we select several individuals each season to sponsor and support. You can read all about our elite skirt wearers and sponsored athletes and see the videos on our website. Our fitness apparel is great for multiple sports, not just the runner anymore. We skirt golfers, body builders, cyclists, speed walkers, ultimate frisbee players, lacrosse, field hockey, etc. Read our Customer testimonials and see the skirts for yourself!

For more information you can visit the online running skirt website at Running Skirts .com You can also visit their maternity fitness skirt. Many skirthusiasts are finding great uses for the RunningSkirts brand using them as tennis skirts, golf skorts and for stand up paddle boarding.  The possibilities are endless.

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