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Ultra Marathon: Any race where the distance is longer than 26.2 miles is considered an Ultramarathon. Running a full marathon is a major accomplishment and Ultras take that 1 step or many steps further. The Western States is a 100 mile race. Imagine, essentially running close to 4 full marathons in 1 day. RunningPage.com is under new management and the new owner will be completely revamping the website with updated information, with ultra marathon content and all kinds of tools for runners. The overhaul of this website is extensive so please be patient with the updates. Running page is the Internet's oldest running website and was originally hosted on government servers before domain names were common. To start a running we very innovative and we promise you the new version of the Running Page that is being worked on will be cutting edge.

Ultramarathon News: A 13 year old named Mackenzie Riford recently completed the nations oldest Ultramarathon the JFK 50 with her mother. This is an incredible accomplish for any runner. Its amazing that a 13 year has the fitness level to complete a 50 mile race. For any experienced marathoners having doubts about completing a 50 miler you can use this story as inspiration to accomplish a goal of completing a 50 mile ultra marathon. Congrats Mackenzie looks like Dean Karnazes should be worried!

To suggest an ultramarathon please send an email to runningpage at gmail dot com. You can email us the details of your ultramarathon and we will prepare a page for it when the new ultra section. Please include a unqiue description of your race.

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