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You see people wearing long knee high compression socks at just about every road race now. At first, I thought it was just a fashion statement and didn't really understand what these socks were all about. I decided to try a pair of compression socks myself and find out what all the buzz was about. And the verdict ..... amazing, compression socks just make your calves feel so much better. Initially, compression socks weren't really designed for triathletes and marathon runners they were made for diabetics that needed to have increased blood flow. Some even commonly refer to these socks as: diabetic socks.

Women's Runner Compression Socks Below

You see more and more runners wearing these long socks. Pink, purple, white, black compression socks, you name there's a pattern and color waiting for your calves. Your tempo runs, track days and long runs may just feel that much better. I started to wear my socks on my long drives, in the office and just about everywhere because they make you feel so good. My legs do feel more refreshed after a hard workout so the benefits are certainly there. It was really funny, I was out rollerblading at one of the marathons supporting some fellow runners and had my white compression socks on. Bladed by some paid duty Police Officers who thought I was trying to pull off a retro runner / roller blader look and think I sold them on buying a pair for themselves. Standing outside all day, whether running, doing a tri or being on your feet for long hours these socks work.

One of the drawbacks some have mentioned are when worn in higher temperatures, they tend to get hot and that's not exactly what you need on a 90 degree day so i guess like anything there is always a time and place for wearing the socks. Compression socks are typically made with runner, lycra or spandex so that gradual pressure can be accomplished.

There are companies that make women's compression socks, they have the vibrant colors to go with all the latest running gear. These compression socks look super cute with running skirts. They just don't seem to have the same effect with running shorts.

Some of the top brands that seem to be circulating more in the runner's community are CEP, Oxysox, Recovery Socks, 2XU and Zensah compression socks and sleeves that just cover the calves. Next time your at the nearest marathon expo and packet pick-up and your local race, try a pair of compression socks. You'll be on a fastest road to recovery, show a little style and be able run more.

Have a great week running!

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